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Full-featured vulnerability management with professional patching on autopilot

PatchPro is your comprehensive solution for managing cybersecurity vulnerabilities. PatchPro combines cutting-edge technology with support from Certified Ethical Hackers to keep your digital assets safe from threats.

Efficient vulnerability management

PatchPro protects systems with streamlined vulnerability remediation and thorough threat intelligence.

Hassle-free patching

PatchPro cuts your patching efforts by 98%, with our experts handling most of the work for you.

Rapid remediation

PatchPro rapidly addresses critical vulnerabilities within posture analysis in 4 hours, and 36 hours for remediation (MTTR), minimizing exploitation risk.

Meet PatchPro

Secure tomorrow with PatchPro today

In today’s fast-paced digital landscape, businesses struggle to effectively manage system vulnerabilities. PatchPro addresses this challenge by offering a state-of-the-art SaaS solution meticulously designed to revolutionize the way businesses approach cybersecurity. By identifying and remediating vulnerabilities, PatchPro enhances cybersecurity posture while reducing IT operational costs. So, what sets PatchPro apart?

Certified Ethical Hackers leverage world leading intellectual property from Qualys, Ivanti, & US CISA, to provide:

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Features and Benefits

Harness PatchPro's power: Fortify your cybersecurity strategy with essential tools

Mean time to remediate (MTTR)

Resolve critical issues within hours, not days, with our rapid remediation process.

Compliance and audit support

Easily fulfill compliance and regulatory requirements with detailed reports and audit trails.

One agent, multiple tasks

Simplify operations with a single agent capable of handling various tasks efficiently.

Real-time threat intelligence

Stay informed about emerging threats with our real-time threat intelligence feeds.

Customizable policies

Tailor PatchPro to meet your specific security needs with customizable policies and workflows.

24/7 monitoring and support

Rest easy knowing that our team is monitoring your systems around the clock.


Fix US CISA Known Exploited Vulnerabilities (KEV) in 36 Hours

Patch in Hours not Months!

Our claim to fame is our ability to patch US CISA KEV related vulnerabilities in 36 hours, not months, weeks or even days … hours.  Not a lofty goal but a reality our customers are living today.  The US’ Cybersecurity & Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) is the culmination of the Five-Eye’s threat intelligence community for cyber threats and attacks, publishing the Known Exploited Vulnerabilities (KEV) list.  Learn more about why it’s important.

PatchPro offers tailored, cost-effective solutions for businesses of all sizes

Choose from flexible pay-per-patch or flat fee models, benefit from our innovative cost-saving approaches, and enjoy our price guarantee with an additional 15% discount if you find a lower price elsewhere.



Features included:


Features included:


Features included:

Frequently asked questions

Auto-updates can be helpful but have many limitations.PatchPro provides more control without sacrificing flexibility. Reach out before auto-updates fail you.

While endpoint protections play a role, they often detect threats after compromise and focus on response capabilities. PatchPro's patching provides absolute prevention, complementing mitigation strategies.

PatchPro offers competitive pricing, including pay-per-identified missing patch or flat fees per month/year. We guarantee to beat any price, and if you find a lower offering, we'll give you an extra 15% off.

With PatchPro, you have absolute control. Email-based workflows allow the cancellation of pending jobs while email or SMS notifications update actions that are pending. You also have complete control over end-user Patch job pop-ups.  A detailed, customized audit log ensures compliance to various standards.

Yes, PatchPro offers extensive flexibility and customization options, including prompts, email templates, schedules, blackout windows, and agent performance adjustments.  You can set up ringed/staged deployments, and our 3 pillar strategy ensures you are secure at all times.

PatchPro manages deployment errors through various means, providing resilience to your patching process.

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