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ONCyber empowers you with tailored cybersecurity services and expert protection. Our PatchPro SaaS secures your systems in real-time, achieving an industry-leading mean time to remediate of 36 hours for known exploited vulnerabilities.

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At ONCyber, our mission is to make cybersecurity accessible and effective for organizations of all sizes, from startups to Fortune 500 companies, and even individual executives. Our approach goes beyond conventional strategies, ensuring every layer of your digital infrastructure is impenetrable and your organization is protected from evolving threats.

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Overview of all our services

In today’s fast-paced digital landscape, businesses struggle to effectively manage system vulnerabilities. View our services below to learn how we help organizations of all sizes:

Elevate your cybersecurity with cost-effective, part-time or temporary CISO services, ideal for startups and small to midmarket organizations.

Enhance your security with ONCyber's webapp pentesting, using advanced Qualys and Veracode scanners for small and medium-sized enterprises.

Effortlessly achieve SOC2 compliance in weeks with our "SOC2 Compliance in a Jar," offering a streamlined, guided process with ongoing updates.


Full-featured vulnerability management with professional patching on autopilot

PatchPro is your comprehensive solution for managing cybersecurity vulnerabilities. Combining cutting-edge technology with the expertise of Certified Ethical Hackers, PatchPro ensures your digital assets are shielded from threats around the clock. Our platform not only identifies and mitigates vulnerabilities but also streamlines the entire patching process and provides peace of mind.

Efficient Vulnerability Management

Protects systems with streamlined vulnerability remediation and thorough threat intelligence.

Hassle-Free Patching

Cuts your patching efforts by 97%, with our experts handling most of the work for you.

Rapid Remediation

Address critical vulnerabilities within posture analysis in 4 hours, and 36 hours for remediation (MTTR), minimizing exploitation risk.

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